Thursday, July 16, 2015

A 7 month old!!??

How did this happen??

I am the mother of a 7 month old. In 5 months, my daughter will be ONE. I can't even deal. I'm almost positive I had her like... Yesterday. Yep. I remember it so clearly.  Last night she was sitting over in her daddy's lap and she looked over at me and she squealed this really big squeal and showed me both of her teeth with a big smile and I melted. She loves her mama. This 7 month old loves me more than she can even handle. It is the MOST amazing feeling in the world. 

I can't help but be emotional about it. Everyday is something new and exciting. Everyday she communicates that much better and grows into this tiny, fun person. But that's the problem. I need her to stay little for just a bit longer. She won't always look at me an squeal. I'm not ready to let that go. I don't think I'll ever be ready. 

The good news is, well, as Ben puts it, I get excited to talk to my mom like 5 times a day... If not more. And I'm 27. So there's hope after all. 

She's hard work. She gets bored with me. I get frustrated with her today, on her 7 month birthday. She has grunted all day. But then she smiles. And it's precious. And then when I take my phone away from her, she reminds me she is a diva and she throws a fit. A 7 month old that throws a fit to get what she wants. Guess what? She gets it. Because she smiles and she always wins.

I'm not sure what I did in my life to deserve such a fabulous kid, but she totally is fabulous. I see God's love in her every day. It makes me melt into a big pile of mush. How great is that... to physically see and feel God's love? It's fantastic. Babies rock. 

Psalms 128: 1-2,5-6 How happy is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways! You will be happy, and it will go well for you…You…will see your children’s children.