Thursday, May 11, 2017

Feeling mediocre

Warning: pity party and sappy post ahead-read with caution

I'm beating myself up. I keep telling myself how mediocre I'm being. Mediocre wife, mediocre at my job, even mediocre mom... 

To be honest, I haven't felt very good for a few weeks. After 13 weeks of baby nausea... I was feeling pretty good for a while with the exception of some minor pregnancy aches and pains and then BAM. Bronchitis. It's not the biggest deal in the world, obviously, but has left me feeling way less than 100% and often leaves me running a slight fever which knocks me down harder than it should. Mix in the end of the school year chaos, a husband trying to work full time, coach, finish school, work a second job, etc... and #toddlerlife... who by the way is also sick... I'm basically useless. Ben does 95% of the things around the house. Either I'm too tired or legit don't care enough that the house is completely filthy...either way, it's basically up to him if the house is even straightened up throughout the week. I'm surviving. And keeping the toddler alive. And I guess completing the important task of keeping myself and the baby alive too...  

Anyways, all of this to say, he could judge me. He could think "wow, she's pretty worthless." But he doesn't. He tells me to get in bed. He tells me he will make dinner. He tells me to get a bath and relax. 

I know Mother's Day is coming up this weekend. But he deserves the shoutout.  

Every trial, every error, every happy moment, and every victory, I think you're the best. And I know without a doubt I don't say it enough, but thank you. I love you more today than yesterday. And you still love me through all my mediocre moments... which is great because I said I would start dinner while you were at practice and I'm still laying in bed watching Caillou (which btw is the WORST.) 😘


Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. —PSALM 62:5


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